Millsaps Sunday offerings support Bishops Scholarship


Millsaps College Sunday, chosen to coincide with the college’s founding date of Feb. 21, 1890, reminds us of the important role that the Methodists of Mississippi played in creating one of the premier colleges in the nation.

Under the leadership of Bishop Charles Betts Galloway, $50,000 was raised from Methodists across the state in response to a challenge gift of the same amount by Major Reuben Webster Millsaps.

A special offering has been approved by the Mississippi Conference and is designated for the Bishops Scholarship, which honors the legacy of leadership provided by the college’s eight alumni bishops. This scholarship is awarded annually to a United Methodist student, based on merit and need. To learn more about this scholarship and Millsaps’ relation to the United Methodist Church, click here:

If your church would like to have additional information about the scholarship or special offering envelopes for Millsaps Sunday, please send an e-mail to or call 601-974-1483, and materials will be delivered to you.

Don’t miss The United Methodist Hour’s "Time That Makes The Difference" featuring the Millsaps Chamber Singers and a visit with President Frances Lucas Sunday, Feb. 10. Check program listings.

Millsaps is one of two United Methodist-related colleges in Mississippi. The other is Rust College in Holly Springs.