Revels UMC reflects life of namesake


Special to the Advocate

Revels Memorial United Methodist Church has a named steeped in history, and the church works to live up to that legacy.

The church was founded in 1889 by the Rev. N.H. Williams. It was named in honor of the late Hiram R. Revels.

Revels settled in Natchez in 1866 and was elected alderman in 1868. He became a member of the Mississippi Senate 1870 and was elected as a Republican to the United States Senate. He took the oath of office on Feb. 25, 1870. He served until March 3, 1871.

He served as interim Mississippi secretary of state in 1873 before becoming president of Alcorn State University from 1876-1882. He then moved to Holly Springs and continued his religious work. He died Jan. 16, 1901.

Revels UMC reflects its namesake’s commitment to education. It has developed an after-school program called I Challenge You (I.C.U.). I.C.U. is for school-aged children and averages 35-40 children per week. 

In addition, Revels hosts the Food Box Distribution program operated in conjunction with the Mississippi Food Network. Revels issues food boxes to certified recipients on the first Monday and Tuesday of each month. The Rev. Stephen Cook is the pastor.