Fast Pace


Fast Pace

The following Amazing Pacers were recognized as the Top 50 walkers during the Egypt Expeditions and will receive a certificate recognizing their commitment and efforts. 

Raymond Rooney

Grady Bailey

Will Dowling

Thomas Sorrell

Hayley Smith

Linus Coile

Dale Cox

Lanell Giordano

Marjorie Walker

Laura Young

Paul Young

Jerry Horton

Bob Rambo

Timmy Green

Ted Giordano

Sheryl Downs

Virginia Bailey

Donald Lewis

Charles Reed

Donna Runnels

Pamela Bray

John Bowie

Jason Harms

Millsaps Dye

Jan Shock

Don McCain

Thomas Potter

David Lowery

Larry Wilkinson

Darian Duckworth

Elaine Dye

Carey Upshaw

Brian Gordon

Carl Grubbs

Keith Keeton

David Meadows

Tony Proctor

Kenny Hart

Travis Cummings

Don Patterson

Lynn Stokes

Angela Dowling

Warren Hutto

Jennifer Heberg

Oma Threadgill

James Robbins

David Cox

Roger Puhr

Thomas Rester

Lisa Hicks