Three simple rules provide guide to living in complex world


Recommendation: Three Simple Rules by Bishop Rueben Job

Comments: On Jan. 8, some 1,845 copies of Three Simple Rules were mailed to the lay and clergy members of the annual conference. This small book, 75 pages in length, is a witness and an invitation.

Bishop Rueben Job writes, “This way of living was given to John Wesley in a time much like our own. He took this blueprint, fleshed it out, taught it, and practiced it.  And now it has been passed on to us. . .I invite you to . . .see if you are ready for this radical change of direction that is marked by these three simple rules: 1. Do No Harm. 2. Do Good. 3. Stay in Love with God.”

All across the world, United Methodists are reading and embracing these simple yet challenging rules of life. I continue to re-read the book, to use the worship resources at the conclusion, to hum the musical setting. May we be blessed as we remember and live our heritage onward in this new year.