Letter: Heed Eisenhower warning on misplaced power


As I was reading Don Windom’s letter in the Nov. 7 edition of the Mississippi United Methodist Advocate where he echoes the criticism of some wounded war veterans that the “churches don’t want us,” the headline flashed across the screen that one out of four homeless persons in the U.S. is a veteran. The visibly wounded soldiers are only a tiny fraction of the incredible evil of war. Up to 90 percent of victims are civilians who are uncounted but not forgotten because their blood is crying out to us to heed Eisenhower’s warning that we not use “our misplaced power” to exert “unwarranted influence” over others.

Half of the “collateral damage” of modern war is little fellers much like our own grandkids and great grandkids, and their blood is crying out to America to in Eisenhower’s words convert most of our “huge military industrial machinery ... into peaceful methods and goals.”

Why isn’t Eisenhower’s message being shouted from the housetops in the Christian community? And why isn’t the cry of the millions of children who are suffering so horribly from war echoing from the pulpits of this “Christian nation?”

C.E. Swain