Letter to the Editor: Bishops' call for end to Iraq war 'long overdue'


As Bishop Clifton Ives said, the resolution by the bishops of the United Methodist Church to withdraw troops from Iraq is "long overdue." Before the invasion, church leaders at the top voiced strong opposition to this "unthinkable act," but the voice of greed and lust for power that rang out from the (Bush) Administration and corporate media drowned out that of morality, rationality and compassion.

If the voice from the pulpit, and the pew, had joined with church leaders then, and kept repeating the truth (as those in power kept repeating falsehoods) until it was burned into the minds of the public, thousands of American families and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families would not now be "drowned" in a sea of grief.

This stand of Christian leaders is long overdue, and too late for untold thousands of fellow humans, but it is not too late for we who claim to follow the Prince of Peace to join with the bishops and shout (and keep shouting) from the housetops how evil is this practice of slaughtering innocent people wholesale (as much as 90 percent of victims in modern wars are civilians) and end this inhuman madness.

C.E. Swain