Tylertown St. James UMC hosts fair


Tylertown St. James United Methodist Church held a health and wellness fair on Oct. 6.

Stations were set up for information on blood pressure, diabetes, nutrition, breast cancer, prostate cancer and bullying for children under 10 years of age. Breakout sessions in categories were opportunities for participants to share personal testimonies, ask questions and make decisions regarding their health. St. James plans to make this an annual event.

Organizers included the Rev. Dr. Charles Tillman, Russell May, Lillie Magee, Cindy Johns and Carolyn Wren.

Presenters included:

  Russell May — bullying

  Wren — youth abstinence and eating healthy-body mass index

  Betty Daniels — diabetes prevention and control

  Johns — breast cancer

  Jackie Harness — healthy hygiene, eating choices

  Irene Martin — health information counselor

  Rose Magee — healthy eating choices

  Patty Vanderslice — blood pressure

  Margie Myers — diabetic screenings

  Kim Stuzman — diabetic screening

  Lillie Willis – prostate cance

  Kathleen Magee — information of available services

  India Little — Medicaid information.

Tillman and Lillie Magee coordinated the event.