We care


On Dec. 1, World AIDS Day, the Mississippi Conference will demonstrate that we care.  

We care that 40,000,000 persons worldwide are living with AIDS.

We care that 8,000 people die each day of AIDS.

We care that our communities in Mississippi are affected by the AIDS pandemic.

The need is urgent. The call is clear.

I look forward to the spectacular launch on Dec. 1 of the Mississippi HIV-AIDS effort to educate, inspire and activate our congregations in response.

Mark you calendars; begin to recruit a group from your church. This is an urgent and essential need, a call to the churches of Mississippi.

I urge each of you to receive the invitation, to embrace it, to be present on Dec. 1 at the Jackson Medical Mall. The event will include an 8,000-step walk and feature these leaders: Bishop Fritz Mutti of the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund, Dr. Craig Thompson of the Mississippi Department of Health, the Rev. Gary Henderson of the United Methodist Global Health Initiative, and the Rev. Shane Stanford, HIV-positive pastor and advocate. I will be honored to lead worship as we conclude and go forth. 

I hope to see you there.