Service recalls church's impact


Pearl River United Methodist Church in Madison County held its annual Lambuth Day on Oct. 4. Since the first Lambuth Day in 1927, thousands of persons from all over the world have attended. Add to that number those who worshipped on the spot for more than 100 years before Lambuth Day was promoted, one can realize this is a place of great moral and spiritual significance.

The church building was originally the Pearl River Academy and was in use in 1843. It was remodeled in 1889, with many materials from the original building being used. It has been the center of many activities since that time. Today, it is a rustic, country church that internally does not have electricity or running water. It remains today much as it was when the Lambuth family worshipped there.

It would be impossible to name all the members of the Lambuth family who have rendered missionary and ministerial service for a total of more than 300 years. The responsibility for Lambuth Day rests with the Pearl River Church Historic Council, under the auspices of the Madison United Methodist Church.

The intention of Lambuth Day is to pay tribute to heroes of the Christian commission and to stir others to greater zeal in helping the whole world to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.