An Abraham and Sarah church?


By Rev. Michelle Foster
Safe Sanctuaries

I received an interesting phone call the other day from a woman in the conference who was asking about background checks for her church nursery staff. The interesting part of the phone call: Her church doesn’t have any children! 

During the conversation she said, “We are looking forward to the day when we can have Sunday school for children and open our nursery to babies who need to be cared for during worship. We are making sure we have everything in place so that when that day arrives we are ready.” 

Can you imagine putting energy and money toward something that does not even seem a possibility right now? Don’t we all have things clamoring for our attention and demanding more and more of our time, energy and resources? Why we would add more to an already full plate of life? The conversation made me start thinking about Abraham and Sarah.  

You remember the story, don’t you? The Lord made a covenant with Abraham to be the father of many nations. God asked Abraham to walk away from all that he and his family had ever known in order for his descendants to be prosperous and as numerous as the grains of the dust of the earth. Abraham and Sarah participated in the covenant and walked faithfully into a new land.

When God revealed to Abraham his promise to allow Sarah to conceive and give birth to a child, Abraham fell to the ground in laughter! (Now, how many of us, when thinking about young children filling the halls of our buildings and pews in our sanctuaries, are laughing out loud like Abraham?) But God spoke a word to Abraham that he still speaks to us today: “Is anything too hard or too wonderful for God?” The Lord did for Sarah as he had promised – she conceived and bore a son named Issac. 

Abraham and Sarah walked by faith, living into the promise the Lord had given them. The woman who called me – she and her church are also walking by faith into the promise that with God all things are possible. 

So, what do you believe? Is there anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord to do? Will you become an Abraham and Sarah congregation? I give thanks for this church and celebrate its example of active and living faith in a God who does exceedingly marvelous and wonderful things.