Live as someone made in God's image


By Francis Scott
Guest Columnist

How unbelievably wonderful to know that we were created so special as to be made in the image of our holy God. I have thought about and heard discussed the subject from Genesis 1 :27 "-God created man in his own image" and wondered just how far God went in making us like him.

Since I take the scriptures literally, I believe he meant what he said; therefore, I believe we are a very unique and special creature with much being expected and demanded of us. Think about it, of all God's creation we could be the only creature made in his own likeness. This being so, perhaps he has higher expectations of us than of any other of his creation. Of course, we have very limited knowledge of what exists outside of our universe, except what is revealed in the scripture, but we are assured of a special relationship with the heavenly father for eternity. With this comes a great responsibility. Christianity cannot be taken lightly.

I am fascinated by those who contend we do not have the physical features of God. Perhaps we do or perhaps we do not. When Jesus came to earth he took on the form of man so even though we have seen God in Jesus, He was not in his heavenly body; just look at a few of the physical likenesses we have to him. God sees; we can see. God hears, he made us to hear. God can smell, taste, feel, move and perhaps has many other physical qualities which he has passed on to us. But there are other likenesses. They include the ability to think, reason, love, hate, to be happy, sad, angry, feel sympathy and I'm sure there are others.

Then there is the desire for honor. God desires our respect and honor just as we desire the respect and honor of our children. God deserves it. Hopefully we deserve it of our offspring. When these qualities are left out of our society, the result is seen in our churches and schools.

But there are other likenesses to our creator to consider. First, God only created good qualities in man. Unfortunately, since he gave us freedom to choose, we many times misuse these qualities. Another characteristic that makes us unique is the ability to reason. This sets us apart from the angels. Angels were created to serve God. Man was created to choose to serve him. Choosing to serve God is the sole purpose of man. If we fail here, we have defeated the purpose of our existence. As a reward for serving him, God promises us many times the value of the wealth of the entire earth.

Jesus promised it. Do we believe it? Even after man's failure, Jesus came and redeemed us. It is hard to believe anyone would love and value us that much.

God also expects us to be like him. He is holy and Jesus said that without holiness no man shall see God. So seeing God comes with a price. I can only interpret this to mean we must stop sinning and keep his commandments. First, we must be converted, and if or when we sin we must truly repent and clean up our act and live a holy life. Jesus went about doing good. He expects us to follow his example to show the world we are his disciple. He made us like himself; he expects us to be like him.

Remember the old hymn, Till I become like Thee? We want our children to be like us. God wants his children to be like him. We are not animals as some suggest. We are human created in the image of God.

Scott lives in Hurley and is a member of Pascagoula First United Methodist Church.