Society of St. Andrew releases Advent devotions


The Society of St. Andrew invites you to celebrate God’s blessing through its 2007 Advent devotions. 

Each day of the Advent season one can experience the reflections and insights of a variety of people who have received the joy of God’s abundant blessings and Christ’s continual presence in their lives. Both laity and clergy authors have contributed to the devotions. It is the Society of St. Andrew’s hope that the inspirational writings will move people to count their blessings and to recognize the abundance God has poured out for them.  

SoSA’s Advent theme this year, God’s Abundant Blessings, is based on Matthew 2:11. This is the story where the Magi follow the star to Bethlehem to see the Christ child. Upon their arrival, the Magi present gifts of gold, myrrh and incense to the child.  What’s interesting about this story is that in today’s society, no one would ever think to bring these items to a baby. Christians know that God gives his best and calls his people to give their best to him. God expects those who have been blessed with more to give more.

During the season of Advent, SoSA asks participants to prayerfully read and reflect on the scriptures and devotions in God’s Abundant Blessings and then join in their hunger-relief work of feeding America’s hungry by making a financial donation. Last year donations made through SoSA’s Advent devotional program provided nearly 2.1 million servings of food to those who don’t always get enough to eat. 

The Society of St. Andrew is a national nonprofit hunger-relief ministry that saves perfectly good, nutritious, excess fresh produce that will go to waste for various marketing reasons and gets it distributed free to service agencies across the country that feed the hungry.

All materials are free from the Society of St. Andrew. For a sample kit, order online at; by phone at 800-333-4597 or by e-mail at