Stop and listen for God's voice calling


A Stream Of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook

“Go lie down; and it shall be, if He calls you, that you, must say Speak Lord for Your servant hears.” — I Samuel 3:9 

This passage comes from the story of Eli and Samuel. Eli was ready to turn in for the night. Samuel went on to bed also. Soon afterwards, Samuel heard a voice calling him. So he ran to Eli as quickly as he could. When he got to Eli, Samuel asked what he wanted. Eli sent him back to lie down. After Samuel made three trips to his father, Samuel was instructed to go back and listen and, if he heard the voice again, he was be still. If the voice came again he was to say, “Speak Lord, for you servant hears”. This happened several times and Samuel always answered in the same way.

How many times do we hear the Lord, and we think about something else? This happens many times in our lives. It seems to make us believe that we just pass it off as a thought. The Lord calls us to do his will or some task for Him, and we may not answer him because our minds and hearts are not open for his call. Many times we could be used in his mission by listening to him.

Has the Lord called on you to do something for him? If he has called on you, he will be there to help you. We are his children, and he will not let us fail. Do like Samuel and take a moment to listen. He has a reason for calling you. He will let you know what he wants you to do and how.

Listen, has he called today? Be still and listen.

Westbrook is a member of and serves on staff at Pearl United Methodist Church.