Letter to the Editor: Problems in La. town aren?t new


As the situation in Jena, La., boils, I am reminded of the year David Duke ran for president. Ruby and I drove through Jena on the way home from a visit with her brother. Many of the families in the area were declaring to the world that they supported Duke as the leader of our country. Although I had a white skin and was driving on a public road, I felt uneasy as we drove by those fine homes with a large "David Duke For President" sign prominently displayed on the lawn. We all knew the kind of spirit Duke exuded, and I think we all know that the kind of spirit we embrace determines our actions. This fact is being played out on the world scene today.

We know by bitter experience where the spirit of racism can lead us, and now we are witnessing the result of the "marriage" of the spirit of racism with the spirit of militarism in Iraq. It is beginning to appear that the offspring from this union between these evil spirits may be too gruesome to contemplate.

This marriage between the spirit of racism and the spirit of militarism could very well send humanity back to the caves.

C.E. Swain