Children's Sabbath: Healthy children for our Mississippi


Children are a precious gift from the Creator of all things. A special Children's Sabbath gathering Oct. 14 will bring together congregations committed to holy friendship with children for worship, music, inspiration, and commitment. 

The event, hosted by Congregations for Children, is at 2 p.m. at Oxford-University United Methodist Church in Oxford.

Bishops from the Catholic, Episcopal, United Methodist churches, other guests and children will share words of affirmation and challenge. With the theme of "Healthy Children for our Mississippi," this year's focus will be on the 9 million children in America without health insurance.

Children's Sabbath is observed across the nation each October. "In October - and throughout the year - celebrate God's gift of new life in every child by radiant witness for what is right and true and good," said Bishop Hope Morgan Ward.
Congregations for Children is an effort launched by the Episcopal, Roman Catholic, and United Methodist churches in Mississippi, open to partnership with all others who sense a calling to love, celebrate, and advocate for children. Cogregations for Children make three commitments: to learn about the issues that challenge the children of Missisipppi, to celebrate Children's Sabbath in their local setting, and to be advocates for legislative action on behalf of children.