Be prepared to stand on holy ground


A Stream Of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook

“When the Lord saw that he had caught Moses’ attention, God called to him from bush. ‘Moses! Moses!’ ‘Here I am!’ Moses replied.” — Exodus 3:4

Moses was tending sheep with Jethro, his father-in-law. While he was keeping the sheep, Moses noticed a bush that was burning. He discovered that even though the bush was on fire, it was not consumed. Moses was interested, so he moved closer to see what was happening.

As he moved closer a voice came from the bush calling him by name. The voice was God, and he called out for Moses.

Moses moved closer and answered God from the place he was standing. After he heard that it was God, Moses covered his face because he didn’t know how to look at God. God told him to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground. God told Moses that he wanted him to lead his people out of bondage.

A lot of times we feel that we’re in bondage and don’t know how to get out. God used Moses to get his people out. God sent his son Jesus Christ to free us from our sin which is our bondage. Jesus went to the cross and died for every sin and set us free. Believing is all we have to do, and God will forgive us of our sins and give us life which will last forever.

Where is your burning bush, where do you stand on holy ground? What task has God asked you to do? As He called Moses from a burning bush, maybe God is calling you to do something for him. It could be anything, and as God gave Moses what he needed, God will give you what you need to carry out God’s request.

Are you standing at the burning bush waiting on God’s instructions? Let’s think about it and remember that we are standing on holy ground. Remember, follow Jesus Christ because he’s ready to get everyone out of bondage.

• Westbrook is a member of and serves on staff at Pearl United Methodist Church.