Letter to the Editor: Columnist infers too much from letter



Guest Columnist Mark McLain (“Power of the Bible transcends inconsistencies in scriptures,” Aug. 1 Advocate) certainly went beyond any reasonable level of inference in response to my previous letter. I neither cited nor took a position on any particular issue, but simply suggested that we consider the arguments of the referenced organizations on their merits rather than dismissing them out of hand. 

McLain's ad hominem attacks (e.g., "pious pugilists","lust for judgment") simply illustrate the type of response that I find to be both inappropriate and ineffective. Further, he compared apples to oranges when he attempted to connect the metaphorical sword that Jesus speaks of in the passage that I cited ("cryptically and patronizingly") with the literal sword wielded by Peter. And then, once McLain began his emotional tirade concerning the issue that he himself raised, he completely ignored scripture in supporting his position. 

McLain is certainly entitled to his own opinions and his own methods of arriving at those opinions, but I would request that he not publicly attribute attitudes, beliefs or motives to me.

Garry Ruff
Moss Point