Remember the Sabbath


“We do not so much open the gift of time as find that the gift of time has been opened for us. And what we receive, we discover, is not only this gift but all the other gifts time bears as well.”  – Dorothy C. Bass, Receiving the Day. 

We are on the water this week.  

My family and I love to be on the water, to live on a boat. It is glorious to sleep cradled in the gentle movement of a boat anchored or tethered to a dock. It is glorious to wake and see the sun rise over the water. It is glorious to make our way along at the slow pace of the sorts of boats we like. 

It is glorious to eat a simple meal, watching the wonder of life in the water and of life on the shore. It is glorious to come in at dusk hungry and ready for dinner in the fading light of day. It is glorious to find the constellations at night and to watch the clouds and changing light of day.  

 Time bears rich gifts for us. I hope that you are finding time this summer to do something that is to you restful, renewing, re-creating.  

Jewish theology is helpful to us as we seek to receive the blessings of Sabbath. The rabbis teach that Sabbath is a gift, the greatest of God’s gifts. When we enter Sabbath rest, we relinquish what is never ours anyway and we remember that every moment is God’s. When we stop our striving, we know that all that was accomplished in our work was God’s accomplishment and not our own. Sabbath is a sanctuary in time, as Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel has written, making all time holy. 

This summer, may God’s gift of time be opened in new ways for you through the practice of Sabbath.