Jackson Central group hears about Holocaust from survivor


The Friday Bible Class at Central United Methodist Church in Jackson, under the leadership of the Rev. Henry C. Clay, hosted a special presentation recently during their noon study. 

Gilbert Metz shared his experiences as a Jew during and after the Holocaust. Metz said he was a teenager during this time. Aside from the harrows of the living conditions, lack of food and water and physical punishment, he experienced the separation from his mother and sister. His mother and sister later died in a concentration camp gas chamber. 

After the death of his father, Metz came to the United States. 

He lived with an aunt in Natchez. From Natchez, he relocated to Jackson and still lives there and is a member of Beth Israel congregation. Metz still wears the identification number placed on the arms of Jews held by the Nazis. 

Bea Gotthelf assisted in planning the presentation. Gotthelf also secured the documentary information about reflections by other Holocaust survivors. 

The Rev. Jimmie Barnes serves as pastor of Central.