Apportioned giving ahead of 2006 at mid-year


Conference churches gave $229,389 more in the first half of 2007 to apportionments than in the same period the previous year, but second-mile giving has fallen, according to Treasurer David Stotts.

“We are $229,389, or 1.2 percent, ahead of last year, yet we are down $282,070 in total giving compared to last year,” Stotts said. “This means our second-mile giving most all of which was Katrina related, is down $511,459.” 


Also down this year is giving to the general church apportionments. Stotts said general apportioned giving is down about 6 percent.


On a positive note, 120 churches, or about 10 percent of the conference, have already paid 100 percent of their conference apportionments. Another 378 churches are what Stotts calls “giving systematically” – halfway through the year, they have paid half their apportionments.


However, 187 churches are still at zero, though this number is down by 35 from the previous month.


“We rejoice over the signs of spiritual strength, generosity, and vitality. It is our hope to show radiant faithfulness in 2007 as a people blessed greatly by God,” said Bishop Hope Morgan Ward.


The conference budget for 2007 is $18,605,585. “Things are looking better for most lines (of the budget) and yet we always have plenty of room to ‘move on to perfection,’” said Stotts.