“Morning by morning God wakens me to listen as one who is taught. . .” —   Isaiah 50:5 

As I reflect upon the 2007 Annual Conference, I can list things learned, remembered, celebrated: 

1. The desire laity and clergy have to serve faithfully, joyfully and effectively 

2. The importance of intentionally creating space for youth leadership in the life of our church 

3. The necessity of vigilance toward inclusiveness lest we slip backward in our welcoming of all people 

4. The strong appeal of the ministry of wellness and healing to laity and clergy 

5. The desire of laity, clergy and clergy spouses for joyful parsonage living 

6. The worldwide community we share in Christ, as witnessed by bishops among us from three areas of Africa 

7. The power of our ministry of higher education through our colleges and campus ministries 

8. The joy of ecumenical partnerships as celebrated with our Episcopal friends 

9. The eagerness of ordinands, ministers commissioned, associate members, local pastors and lay speakers to serve Christ 

10. The vast resources of United Methodist people and overflowing missional generosity 

11. The power of singing in binding us together and in celebrating our shared life 

12. The dangerous opportunity of elections where a few among us are affirmed and many among us depart discouraged 

13. The transforming power of mission engagement, as witnessed by the vibrant youth chabadza team 

14. The high privilege of spiritual journeys, including this one through annual conference. 

Fourteen is not symbolic. It’s simply the number that comes to mind in this moment. I wonder what is on your list. Your learnings help us as we evaluate and plan toward the future. Thank you for sharing freely your thoughts, suggestions, celebrations, disappointments. Onward we go, led by the Light of Christ.