Letter to the Editor: Leaders won't rock boat on weapons



Recently it was reported that Mississippi is near the top in charitable giving. This indicates that the spirit and teachings of Jesus have “rubbed off on us” to some extent. 

Still, it really bugs me every time I hear a call for donations for some worthy cause, and so little criticism of the untold billions of dollars that are worse than squandered because they are used to destroy life rather than enhance life. I understand why political and church leaders are so reluctant to take on the monster that Eisenhower warned of. 

Few politicians or church officials dare criticize the incredibly evil institution that devours our finest young people, drains the nation of life-giving resources while slaughtering wholesale mostly innocent people (in modern war an overwhelming percentage of victims are civilians). Officials of church and state don’t dare “rock the boat” because of the “bottom line.” 

The United States has become the world’s largest exporter of weapons and machines of war. The more wars around the world,  the more profits that flow into the coffers of manufactures of bombs, tanks, planes, etc.; profits of death on which we increasingly depend, including the church. We are all enslaved by this diabolical monster called “military-industrial-complex.” 

The church could return to the “old time religion” that was Christianity before Constantine, and take the non-violence of Jesus seriously, but that would probably mean the demise of the church as we know it. But maybe the church must lose its life before it can find it. It is becoming more and more evident that the “Bride of Christ” must divorce herself from the rampant militarism that grips our nation if she has any hope of bringing much “light unto the nations!”

C. E. Swain