Keep spirit of unity


By Rev. Huey Wood
The Storyteller 

A union church up in the hills of Kentucky was shared by Baptists and Methodists. The Baptist preacher would preach on one Sunday, and the Methodist the next. All the people came every Sunday. 

Every fall they would buy coal for the winter, and they had one coal pile. Inside the church there was a large sign over the pulpit that said, “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.” 

A small disagreement came up over the flowers, and it caused a split that grew and grew. The Methodists stopped coming to the Baptists’ service, and the Baptists stopped coming to the Methodists’ service. That fall the Methodists brought coal and put in on one side of the church, and the Baptists brought coal and put theirs on the other side. 

Some high school boys who knew about this split came into the church one Saturday night and wrote under the sign that said, “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism,” “and two coal piles.” 

One of the things I have often wondered is what must Jesus think when He sees that His children fuss and disagree and dislike each other over such things as flowers or color of the walls or who plays the piano. Don’t you know that when the eternal book is opened and read many people will be embarrassed that they were in that number? 

A good rule that all of us could follow says: When we are discussing man-made things, we are talking about things that divide us, because we all come from different backgrounds and we all have different tastes. But, when we talk about the God-head, we are talking about him who unites us. 

It’s been my pleasure to have persons in church who were willing to give their opinion, but then say, “Whatever the others want will be all right with me.” When we are in this sweet spirit we are likely to get our way more times than not. 

It was said of the early disciples, “My how they loved one another...” 

 Prayer: Lord help us to be united in you. Amen. 

©2000 Huey Wood