Big pot, long bench


“Let us eat and celebrate...” — Luke 15:23


My mother always cooked large quantities of food in big pots. My father made a bench for one side of the long table in the kitchen because you can fit more children on a bench than in chairs.


There were always lots of people welcomed through the screen door to eat in our home — my three brothers, my sister and me, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, distant relatives, friends. The food served was from the farm — chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, fruit, biscuits, cornbread.  We were not wealthy; however, we were food-secure. This food-security is a lasting gift, a sign of abundance and generous love.


Food-secure: It is a visionary word used by advocates and activists. To be food-secure is the opposite of being hungry.


 Thank you to those of you in Hattiesburg, Jackson, Meridian and Starkville who pitched in March 29-31 to package thousands of meals for people lack food-security, who will starve without our generosity.


 Thank you to those of you who have provided, prepared and served meals to those who have been food-insecure since Hurricane Katrina.


 Thank you to those of you who engage in the ministry of the Society of St. Andrew, gleaning produce that would be wasted and providing it to those who need it.


 Thank you to local churches across Mississippi who develop and continue feeding ministries: The Food Depot, Gravy and Grace, Hugs and Cereal, Stewpot, and all the rest. . .


The Bible is a continual story of the hospitality and provision and promise of God. As we work to create a food-secure world, we serve God who invites all to the feast, to the big pot, to the long bench. The Easter story continues: Christ, resurrected, appears amazingly in the breaking of bread at Emmaus and by the fish roasting on a charcoal fire near Tiberias. Where we offer food to the hungry, we offer Christ.


 The July 1-7 Harvest of Hope at Wood Institute is an opportunity before us to glean produce and to learn about hunger in our country. I hope you will spread the word to youth and adults about this opportunity. I plan to be a part of the event and hope to see you there.