Some questions need answers


By Rev. Huey Wood
The Storyteller 

One day, a squirrel was looking out of his hole in a tree. Looking down the tree, about 40 feet away, he saw another hole. He decided to see how fast he could run between the two holes in the tree. He ran it once. The next day, he ran it again and took a second off his time.

The question is, if he takes a second off every time he runs it, how long will it be before he is looking out both holes at the same time? 

There are some questions that we ask that do not have a real answer. This is like the question, “If a tree falls in the forest, and there is not an ear to hear it, does it make a sound?” But the real question for all of us is: Do we know who owns us? Do we know who our fellow man is? 

These are questions we must ask as we determine who we become.