A2 teams begin working with district results


Early skepticism gave way to support when New Albany District’s A2 team met on March 5. 


The meeting was held in the New Albany district office. Those attending included Jerry Beam, district superintendent; Lou Ann Staggs, district secretary; Embra Jackson, administrative assistant to the bishop; Diane Coleman; Brownie Tohill; Dwain Whitehurst; Walter Downs, and Rickey Bishop.


The group met to review the A2 scores from the churches in their district and to develop strategies for helping churches to move forward toward vitality and health. The churches were placed into categories based on their A2 scores.

Jackson then led a discussion about how the churches might best be resourced.


It was decided that the following plan would be implemented in order to assist the churches:

The churches would be offered specific assistance in the areas of their lowest A2 scores.


Churches would be paired with other churches that were positively engaged in a specific area of ministry such as missions or youth and children.


A district “kickoff rally” in response to the A2 Indicators is tentatively planned for May.


Local churches will be encouraged to tell their A2 next-step stories.


Ongoing assessments of the progress of the churches will continue throughout the year.


The district A2 team will join other district teams in the new “Transformational Leaders School” which will be led by Jackson. This school will provide training for the district A2 teams so that they will be able to assist the local churches in fulfilling their mission of “making disciples.”