Too soon, too much?


“You do not always have me. . .” — John 12:8


Kill the fatted calf! Your brother, who was lost, is found!


If your neighbor’s child had gone away, wasted your neighbor’s money while embarrassing your neighbor before all your mutual friends, and come home penniless. . .? If your neighbor had called you to come to a welcome home party for this child. . .? 


What would you do? What guarantee do you have that the child has learned a lesson? Might the child returning do the same thing again?


“Is it too soon to party?” following Fred Craddock’s probing question asked in his brilliant sermon on Luke 15.


Mary took a pound of costly perfume. . .

If you had seen her pour it out. . .? If you had smelled the fragrance filling the room. . .? Would you have been practical and frugal or would you have been moved to tears by her extravagance?


These are the scriptural texts appointed for the latter weeks of Lent 2007. There is urgency about them. 


There is one opportunity to go to this particular party. There is one opportunity to see this extravagant act of love as holy and good and right.


Lent 2007 is a unique gift to us. This gift of preparatory time readies us to celebrate Easter. Savor the days. Be alert, be vigilant, watch and pray.


We see, at the end of this long 40 days, the brilliance of Easter light.  


Our response to abundant love is extravagant generosity.