Priorities do matter


The Storyteller

By Rev. Huey Wood


When Ruth and I married, we lived in Jackson. We were on our way home and decided to stop and visit my brother and his family in Ingomar in a large two-story house. We hadn’t been there long when my brother began to build a fire in the stove. Suddenly, there was a great explosion which burned the house down in a very short time. 


We didn't get anything out of the house but ourselves. It was pouring down rain and the last time I saw my brother, he was rolling around in a quilt in the yard. All we had time to do was get the family and the children out of the house and then the building was gone.


My brother was burned badly, and they had taken him to the hospital in New Albany. We had the 3-year old boy in the car with us, and as we rode along, he began to cry. Ruth pulled him over close to her and asked, "Why are you crying? Are you scared?"


“No,” he replied. 


“Then why are you crying?” she asked again.


"I left my chewing gum on the sewing machine," he said.


We can understand this being the thinking of a 3-year old. Is it not true that we set our priorities just like this? Sometimes we set our priorities on what is good but not on what is best.


I heard a person say that he was condemned for reading the funny paper. There is no harm in it, but it came between him and his Bible study time. 


Visiting ones neighbor is good but not if there is something better you need to be doing. Think about it. Your priorities are important.