Search for a Christian


By Rev. Huey Wood
The Storyteller 

Uncle Buddy Robinson used to write a letter and address it to “The Christian Man,” and then the town and state to see to whom the postman would give it.

Our modern postal service today would not look at this twice because everything has to be to the letter and number. But there was a time when the postal employees went out of their way to deliver every piece of mail. Let’s just play like this was our responsibility. What would we look for in this person? 

First, I think I would look for a joyful person. Of the nine fruits of the spirit that Paul lists in Galatians 5:22-25, joy is the most noticeable of them all. You can detect it across the street or over the telephone. It would never be correct to say, “He is a great Christian, but he is sour on the world.” 

Second, I would look for a church-going person. Here again, it would not be correct to say, “He is a great Christian but never goes to church.” Christians have a great desire to worship God and to be with other Christians. 

Third, I would look for the man who had a testimony to give. From him I need to know if he knows who he is and if God has come into his life and if he understands what God’s dream is for his life. 

Fourth, I would want to know if he is a loving and kind person. It never sounds right to say, “He is a great Christian, but he is so unkind or unloving.” These things just don’t go to-gether. 

I could go on and look for the other marks as given by Paul. When we found these qualities in a person, we could give them the letter from Buddy. 

Prayer: Lord, may we all have the marks of your children. Amen