Learn to live a smart life


By Rev. Huey Wood
The Storyteller 

These two fellows were walking along the seashore and they found a genie. She said, “You may have any wish you want.”  

The first fellow said, “Well, I want to be the smartest person in the world.” She said, “OK, your wish is granted,” and he left.  

She turned to the next fellow and asked, “And what is your wish?”  

He said, “I want to be smarter than he is.” So the genie turned him into a woman. 

In St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians 4:8, he talks about how to build smartness in our life: “Whatsoever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and gracious think on these things.” Everything he mentions is positive. There is not a negative thought in the whole list. To use a negative thought to an adult or a child is never good. All parents know that if you say to junior, “Don’t put the bean up your nose,” when you turn your head, up the nose it goes. 

I read this story about a man over in India who claimed to have invented a powder that could be mixed with water and anything it touched turned to gold. As he sold the powder, he would say, “This one thing you must not do. When you’ve mixed the water and powder you must not think of little red monkeys. If you do, this will not work.” And you know what happened. Nobody got any gold. 

The results are exactly the same as the wish from that genie — it’s just a wish. If we really want to build our Christian life, the best way I know is to come with the church’s support. This is a smartness which will never grow old. It’s one from which we will never grow weary. We’re smart to allow Him to control our life. 

Prayer: Father, help us to know that the smartest thing we have ever done is to follow in your steps. Amen. 

© 2002 Huey Wood