Lift program benefits patients and hospital staff


Special to the Advocate 

MEMPHISMethodist North Hospital has implemented a patient lift program specifically designed to improve patient and associate safety.  

The Diligent program is a three-year prevention program led by a team of professionals who train medical staff on how to increase patient safety and reduce on-the-job injuries for nurses. 

“We have learned how to move patients in a more supportive way,” said Cynthia Jackson, a medical assistant at Methodist North Hospital. “The program makes my job easier and it gives me confidence knowing that I can safely transfer my patients from a stretcher to a bed or from a bed to a chair.” 

With the help of Diligent, one person can safely and efficiently transfer a patient. Previously, it took three or four medical personnel to move one patient. By making it possible for one person to safely transfer a patient, nurses at Methodist North can focus more on patient care. 

In addition to improving patient safety, Diligent makes nursing safer and physically easier. The majority of work-related injuries in healthcare are a result of moving and transferring patients and most all of these injuries are preventable. The Diligent program guarantees a 60 percent reduction of incidents.  

“The Diligent program provides us with an excellent opportunity to increase patient safety as well as to increase the safety for our own associates,” said William Kenley, CEO of Methodist North Hospital.   

Since the Diligent program has been implemented, Methodist North has not had any associate injuries related to patient lifting. 

Methodist North was the pilot hospital for the Diligent program.