Holy Spirit Conference to feature Bouknight


The Rev. Dr. Bill Bouknight, senior pastor at Memphis Christ United Methodist Church, will be among the speakers at the 31st Mississippi Holy Spirit Conference. 

Other scheduled preachers include the Rev. Mike Childs of Louisville First UMC, the Rev. Dr. Jeff Switzer of Sandtown UMC in Philadelphia and the Rev. Cecil Williamson. Lee Ann Williamson will serve as praise leader. 

The event is sponsored by Cecil Williamson Ministries. 

Bouknight has served Christ UMC, a church of 6,300 members, since 1994. Under his leadership, 3,600 people have joined the church, 38 percent on professions of faith.

Former chairman of the Confessing Movement and now dean of the Epworth Institute, Bouknight’s two latest books are The Authoritative Word, Preaching Truth in a Skeptical Age and Should Christians Always Oppose War and 11 other Questions Believers Ask. 

Childs serves his home church at Louisville. Educated at Mississippi State University and Asbury Theological Seminary, he is active in the Walk to Emmaus, short term missions, the Mississippi Fellowship of UM Evangelicals and is active on the Cecil Williamson Ministry Council.

 Switzer grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, Asbury Theological Seminary and Trinity Theological Seminary. He is president of the Mississippi Fellowship of UM Evangelicals. 

Cecil Williamson has been a general evangelist in The United Methodist Church since 1971. His planting missions have established more than 350 churches on four continents. He has conducted more than 1,200 revivals, bringing thousands to Christ.

This year’s event has moved to a new location, Louisville First UMC, and is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Jan. 19 and run through noon Jan. 20. Supper will be served in the church Christian Life Center. No registration fee is charged, but an offering will be taken. Participants should make their own motel reservations.