Letter to the Editor: Jesus offers formula for world peace



We Christians have been celebrating the birth of the one who is called the “Prince of Peace” for 2,000 years, yet peace is more elusive than ever. Why? Recently a lady suggested that the reason is because “they need a change of heart.” 

Jesus gave to the world, perhaps, the only effective formula for peace when he said “love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,” etc. Evidently he knew, and the rest of mankind should know by now, that when we kill one enemy we only multiply our enemies. When we slaughter his family and his neighbor’s family with cluster bombs in an effort to get revenge or satisfy our greed, we create a mushroom cloud of enmity and hatred that endures for generations, guaranteeing perpetual violence for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

“Do good to those that hate you.” Don’t spend your nation’s wealth on militarism; on weapons and machines of death and destruction, but spend it in ways that enhances life. 

Jesus probably knew and again, we should know that, in war, all too often the enemy is manufactured for political reasons. Certainly, a vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of “enemies” killed as a result of our actions were innocent civilians, and a large percentage of those were children! What a Christmas present from us to them! 

What an example we who claim to follow the Prince of Peace are setting for the world! What an example this Christian nation is presenting to the other nations!

C.E. Swain