Leg injury snuffs out notion we need more than God gives


The Storyteller
Rev. Huey Wood 

As a lad, growing up out in the country during the Depression years, we did not have access to medical doctors for all our ills. Our doctor was Mom, and she had a home remedy for everything. If we got a bad cold, it was the "Vick's salve treatment." If we got a splinter or brier in a foot, it was a strip of fat meat, and it drew it right out. 

But on this day, it was another story. We were working in the field when Uncle Price and Aunt Matt Chism came by in their wagon and stopped for a visit. The old folk were sitting under the shade tree at the end of the rows and we kids were playing chase under another shade tree when I attempted to jump over a plow.

I didn't make it and cut a large gash in my left leg. Aunt Matt was a heavy user of snuff, and she took that snuff bottle and filled that gash with snuff and then wrapped my leg with a part of her apron with instructions to wear it for a few days. 

Well, my leg did heal in time. But, as I have said, I remember that ever-so-often my leg would have a tingling feeling, and I thought it was trying to spit.

I shared this story with a man in my church who holds a doctorate in chemistry from LSU. He informed me that these old people knew what they were doing and that their snuff did have healing power. This reminds us that God has led His people to do the best with what they have. After all, we are stewards of all that He gives us including a gash on the leg. 

Prayer: Our Father, help us see that you are always for us. Amen

©2002 Huey Wood