Giving as God gives


God is the great giver. Every gift we give is an expression of God’s gifting to us. We give because we live in God’s light, surrounded by God’s grace. Gifting is holy. 

Our mailbox is filled daily since mid-November with catalogs and coupons. Catalogs for outdoor apparel, exotic tea, English muffins, fruit baskets, boating gear. If I buy a $15 Sonic gift card, I could get two free corn dogs. It is all very inviting. 

In Advent let us prepare gifts that give witness that we are tethered to God, the great and perfect and loving and holy giver. What gifts honor Christ who comes anew this Christmas? 

Let us consider honorary gifts to organizations that promote peace and feed the hungry and shelter the homeless and relieve suffering and promote healing. What mission is dear to your heart? A camp or assembly, a college or campus ministry, a hospital or senior service center, a community center or an Advance Special?  

In the church we were last privileged to serve, the treasurer urged the designation of the Christmas Eve offering for mission. It immediately became the largest offering of the year.  

As we prepare gifts for those we love, let us do so in the light of God’s great love for us all. Through our gifting this Christmas may light shine in darkness, a brilliant witness of God’s inexpressible gift to us.