'Cross Wall' helps bind churches, community


Members of the North Carrollton United Methodist Church created a unique, personal and permanent way to remember the saints of the Carrollton Charge every day.


In 2004 a tornado knocked a 100-year-old-plus oak tree on the roof of the North Carrollton UMC. In addition to repairs for the roof and inside ceiling, two of the sanctuary’s colored glass windows were destroyed and had to be rebuilt. A local artist and friend of the church created a cross from the larger fragments of the historical windows as a gift for the church, which became the center for the “Cross Wall.”


The Cross Wall is a wall of crosses. Families from both the North Carrollton and Carrollton United Methodist churches, as well as from the community, have placed crosses in memory or in honor of family members. A record of the crosses and those they honor is kept in an album at the base of the wall.


“It has not only become a conversation point within our community but also a way of continuing to strengthen the ties between the two churches and the community,” said the Rev. Trey Harper, pastor of the Carrollton Charge.


The church is already running out of space and making plans for future locations as it continues to remember those who have gone before and honor those who build up the church and the Kingdom.