Weekly services connect Wesley with students, staff


By Martha Williams
Special to the Advocate 

The Wesley Foundation at Holmes Community College has built new relationships by inviting students and staff to gather each week in the “Chapel on the Hill” on the Goodman campus. 

Students were invited by flyers, word of mouth, e-mail and written invitations. The focus on Christ and His love for all of humankind has been our “glow of light.” 

 Local team were on hand to welcome and greet new and returning students to the campus with refreshments and encouragement for a new adventure when the fall semester began. More than 200 came by the welcome and information table to find out about the ministry of the Wesley Foundation on campus and in the Chapel on the Hill at 6 p.m. each Monday. 

Our first worship consisted of getting acquainted with students who were living away from home for the very first time, away from their comfort zone. The students were concerned about such issues as keeping their spiritual identity when they find themselves on their own away from parental supervision. They asked questions such as:

  • How do I maintain my Christian foundation and values when I am among so many temptations in college?
  • Is it OK to serve God away from home?
  • How do we know that evil spirits are real? 

Strong study of the Bible and prayer are the main objectives of the Wesley Foundation gatherings. Students of all faiths attend as they have come to know and learn that the foundation is about Christ Jesus and his methodical and unconditional love for all. 

Student attendance continues to increase weekly as they have come to know Christ as their personal savior. 

Students has been encouraged to establish a personal plan of spiritual growth and to take charge of their spiritual identity in Christ. 

Music has been provided by a group called “2 boys and a girl” and other students of HCC. The messages on various issues of life have been presented by people from the community, students, staff members and Wesley board members. 

Williams serves as campus minister at Holmes Community College, Goodman campus.