Millsaps Campus Ministry Team builds relationships


Special to the Advocate

Millsaps College embraces its Methodist roots through a variety of programs that engage both students and faculty.  

The Campus Ministry Team at Millsaps College provides an outlet for which students of all faith traditions can gather to promote renewed passion in their faith by serving and helping others. Lead by a council of around 40 students, the organization seeks to promote education and understanding on many different issues. Task forces within CMT provide opportunities for students on campus to become more aware and involved not only in the community, but also worldwide.  

Some examples of these programs include field trips to the Bethlehem Center, sponsoring Seeking and Understanding forums on many issues such as the conflict in Lebanon and organizing the popular Project Midtown, in which all students are invited to spend a day improving the community.  

“For me Campus Ministry Team is an organization that allows students to experience the broad applications of their own spirituality,” said Ashley McPhail, a senior who has been working with CMT since her freshman year.  

“It enables students to assume leadership positions which help the Millsaps community experience faith and ministry through various forms. CMT’s different task groups fit into three different categories – building communities, growing spiritually, and serving the world – that each makes one’s faith stronger.” 

CMT also works with other ministries on campus to provide a spiritual environment for the exchange of ides, these organizations include: the Catholic Student Association, the Fellowship for Christian Athletes, Canterbury Club, Glory Phi God, the Jewish Cultural Organization, Millsaps Christian Fellowship and the United Methodist program, the Wesley Fellowship.  

In addition to these faith-based programs, Millsaps has been able to distinguish itself from its peers by offering the Faith and Work Initiative. This program allows students to complete a class that discusses the meaning of work in the broader realm of finding one’s calling and purpose in life. On completing the class, students are offered internships in an area of their choice with the Lilly Fellows program.  

The Faith and Work Initiative prepares Millsaps students to continue their service even after their college years, and most who graduate from this program find it truly a life-altering experience. 

Wesley Meeting

The Wesley Fellowship meets from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesdays. The meetings consist of conversation centered around scripture, spiritual disciplines, and current events. With about 20 students in attendance each week, lunch is provided by local United Methodist churches. Those interested in preparing or donating funds for lunch may contact or call 601-974-1205.