Northeast CC students receive, give many blessings


By Keith Gaughf
Special to the Advocate

The Wesley Foundation at Northeast Mississippi Community College has many people for whom to be thankful.   

Without any one of the ministry we would not be able to function as it does now. First are weekly lunches. Individuals, churches and United Methodist Women groups from around the district are always faithful to both make and bring a meal to share with the students or to send money so that a meal can be provided on their behalf. 

The Northeast Wesley is blessed to have a building of its own and is thankful for those who had the vision to acquire this building so that it can be used for this ministry. The foundation is also thankful for those who still give whatever is necessary to keep this building functioning. Having its own building can be both a blessing and a concern. With the building comes the upkeep on the building, which can sometimes be expensive. 

Recently a new roof was put on the building with the help of many. The Prentiss County United Methodist Men, a church Sunday school class and contributions from individuals made it possible to raise the money needed to provide the materials. The labor for the new roof came from a group of men from Alcorn County. They took time from their families on a Saturday and a Wednesday to nail on shingles. 

A few weeks before school started, a group of youth from Booneville Christ United Methodist Church came to the Wesley House and made some repairs on a couple of picnic tables. They also raked the yard and picked up some limbs that the power company had recently cut. 

The inside of the Wesley House got a make-over when one of the student’s mother came and painted the inside to bring it up-to-date. 

All of the people in churches throughout the New Albany District who pay their district apportionments give support to the Northeast Wesley. Their faithfulness helps in more ways and more people than they could ever imagine. 

All of this effort by so many people does not go to waste. Recently a group of 12 students from Wheeler United Methodist Church, out of school because of elections, came and joined  Wesley students for lunch. One of the youth, perhaps 8 years old, commented as she ate soup with the college students, “I love college!” Who knows what influence this visit had upon these young people, and it was also good for the college students to realize that they are role models for so many. 

Each day, students — both those who live in the dorm and commuters — come and make the Wesley House their home away from home. The house is a comfortable and safe place for students of many faiths and occasionally some that are still trying to find their faith. 

At the Northeast Wesley House, students can be themselves, make friends and get support from people that they know and trust. It is not uncommon to find people doing four or five different things at a time around the facility. 

Wesley students have joined together with members of the local church to travel to the Gulf Coast to help with disaster relief. Students are about to go into a local community to help an elderly widow make much needed repairs on her home. This will allow students to realize that what they do can help change others’ lives in a positive way.

We give thanks for so many for so much! God has truly blessed us and continues to help us discover who we are and what he has called us to be. 

Gaughf is director of Wesley Foundation at Northeast Mississippi Community College and pastor at Booneville Christ and Lebanon UMCs.