God knows our tomorrow


The Storyteller
Rev. Huey Wood 

A minister was being conducted through a hospital and came to a ward with patients with emotional problems. In the first room there was this fellow who was just sitting, just staring into space and doing nothing.  

The minister asked how long the man had been sitting like that and what had happened to cause him to act like this. The guide told him that five years ago the man was deeply in love and was jilted at the altar of the church. Since that time he had just sat like that and stared into space.  

They went on down the hall and came to a cell where there was a man screaming and running and butting the wall with his head like a wild man. The minister asked what had happened to cause him to act like this.  

“He is the fellow who married the woman who jilted the other man,” said the guide. 

There are so many times in life when we think our world has come to an end because we didn’t get what we thought we wanted. Of course, the truth is that we see just today, and God knows our tomorrow. This is why we should accept each day and live one day at a time and be thankful. 

I once heard a gospel quartet sing a song that had these words:

“Give me one day at a time, sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking from you.
“Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never be mine.
“Help me today to be what I ought to be...” 

Some 40 years ago I heard the late, great Dr. Pearce Harris preach a sermon where he said, “Yesterday’s bread, though honestly made, is not sufficient for today’s hunger. Tomorrow’s bread is too much for us to handle and yesterday’s bread is gone.”  

His closing point was, “Lord, give me today’s bread with your blessings, and I will make it fine...”

© 2002 Huey Wood