What do we really chase?


The Storyteller
Rev. Huey Wood 

A family from a large city up north was driving through the mountains of Kentucky, and as they drove along at 60 mph a strange chicken passed them like they were sitting still. 

About a mile down the road the chicken turned into a driveway. Out of curiosity the driver decided to turn and go up to that house and check on that chicken. The old farmer was standing in the yard and the tourist asked him what kind of chicken that was. 

 The old farmer said, “Well,” the farmer said, “everyone in this family loves the drumstick, so we developed a three-legged chicken.” 

“Well, is the meat as good as other chickens?” the city fellow asked. 

“We don’t know, we ain’t catched one yet,” the farmer replied. 

This story is absurd and ridiculous, but it points to a great truth of life. We often pursue things that are difficult to catch, and after we catch them, they don’t satisfy. We are like the dog chasing the automobile. Should they catch it, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. 

In the road of life, we all seek peace, joy and freedom. We run after this and that in material things and pleasure, but we can’t catch it. Then one day we discover that the Hound of Heaven is right behind us wanting to give us all that we seek. 

God has forgiveness here for all of us if we will just stop and open our heart to him and put our trust in him. 

Did not Jesus say, “Come unto me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” No gimmicks, no tricks — just turn to him in faith. 

Prayer: Father, as we fix our gaze on you, may we become more and more like you.

© 2002 Huey Wood