Pearl River Wesley says thank you


By Toby Lofton
Special to the Advocate

Thank you. I simply want to say, thank you to all who contribute to the Wesley Foundations across our conference.

Thank you to all who pay, even a percentage, of the Wesley Foundation line item of your conference apportionments. Thank you to all the districts that set aside a part of their askings to fund Wesley Foundations in the district. Thank you to the men and women, lay and clergy, young and old, who commit their time, energy and efforts to make the Wesley Foundation ministry possible. 

I think it is hard to understand the impact Wesley Foundations have in ministry unless you have personally been involved with a foundation. I knew what they were but that was all. I had often heard people speak of how important the Wesley Foundation was to them when they were in college, but it made no sense to me.  

Then, 15 months ago I was appointed to the Wesley Foundation at Pearl River Community College and my eyes and heart became open. Seeing the impact this ministry has upon students is incredible.  

I think often we look at Wesley as just another youth event, but it is so much more. In my setting, we prepare a meal once a week for the students. For many of those students, if it weren’t for the foundation they wouldn’t eat lunch on that day. They just can’t afford it.  For others, Wesley  is the avenue for them to step into leadership. Normally, it is the only avenue to lead them into Christian leadership for the future.

For some, the foundation is the only place they will hear about Jesus. It is in those gatherings, having been brought there by their friends, where they will hear of salvation for the very first time.  

Wesley Foundations are much more than a get together, even though Jesus liked get-togethers. 

Whether you give money, cook a meal or simply are present to sit and talk with the students, you do so in the name of Jesus. I give thanks to Jesus daily for you.