Weekend retreat seeks to help Discover God's Call for faithful


Discover God’s Call, sponsored by the Foundation for Evangelism of the United Methodist Church, is a lay led spiritual gifts-discovery retreat ministry.


The retreats are designed to help lay people discover their spiritual gifts and to discern what God is calling them to do in their local church. The ministry involves a two-day retreat experience preceded by a 26-day pre-retreat study.


Once at the retreat the new “Discoverers” will break into small groups and explore their spiritual gifts, be affirmed in them and learn ways that God may want to use them in their home church.


The ministry is led by lay people, with the exception of the inspirational speaker, and is designed to help lay people become more effective in ministry in their home church.


The next retreat is scheduled for Nov. 3-5 at the Durr-Wise Conference Center of Camp Wesley Pines in Gallman.


Dale Hathorn, general evangelist of the Mississippi Conference, will be the speaker. Cost of the retreat is $145 for those attending for the first time and $125 for staff or for the Bible study. The registration dead-line is Sept. 22.

For information call Steve Seeley, retreat registrar at 601-372-7461 or Mike Norcom, Mississippi Chapter president at 601-924-4666 or go to www.jxnsaints.com and click on Discover God’s Call for more information and to download a retreat brochure.