Prayers and partnership


The youth of the Mississippi Conference lead us onward, in prayer and in partnership. 

Let us celebrate the invitation they offer to “pray without ceasing.”  The youth have assigned one district a month, beginning with Brookhaven in September, to lead in prayer throughout the year ahead. As the youth pray, let all pray with them, with resounding praise and intercession. It is important that we pray with and for youth in churches, not overlooking this in churches where this age group is not now present. Let us include this prayer request in every pastoral prayer in Mississippi next Sunday. 

Let us celebrate the call of God upon Mississippi youth to engage in mission with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. We rejoice that Theon Johnson III of Miss. and Violet Mango of Zimbabwe were recently elected co-chairs of the Division on Ministries with Young People of The United Methodist Church! In expansive ways, God is beckoning us onward in this good work. 

I urge you to encourage youth to follow God’s calling to mission: I will lead a youth mission team experience in Zimbabwe May 26-June 5. Applications, available from the conference office and at,  are due by Oct. 1. Perhaps a young person in your church is yearning toward this holy adventure. 

Prayerfully we move forward, partnering in mission.