Council of Bishops gives opportunity to help again


Grace to you and peace in the name of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.


As we approach the anniversary of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, we give thanks for every prayer, every gift, every effort in response and recovery. Thank you for all the ways that you have shared yourselves with those impacted by the storm.


The Council of Bishops invites an offering in every United Methodist congregation on Aug. 27. This Katrina Church Recovery Appeal offering across the connection is a continuing sign of the loving care of millions of United Methodist people who long to help in the effort to rebuild churches destroyed and damaged a year ago.


May the generosity that flows toward us be met with the generosity that flows out of us! 

It is my hope that every church in the Mississippi Conference will invite and receive an offering for church rebuilding on the anniversary of Katrina. Your offerings on Aug. 27 for the Katrina Church Recovery Appeal can be sent to the Annual Conference, where they will be used for the rebuilding of our churches on the cost.


Katrina Church Recovery bracelets are available for $2 each by calling toll free (888) 346-3862. The purchase of bracelets adds money to the effort.


You have continued in generosity during the past 12 months. How thankful I am for the light that shines through you!


On Aug. 27, may we once again be amazed by the overwhelming generosity of the connection of United Methodist people!