Small actions often send us big rewards


The Storyteller
By Rev. Huey Wood 

A fellow knew that he was very sick, and when his doctor came by to see him the man said, "Doctor, I know that I am not going to be here very much longer so I have decided to will my brain to the medical school."  

The doctor replied, "Well, sir, that is a nice thing for you to do; you know, every little bit helps." 

Don't you imagine that if the history book of our lives were opened before us to­morrow, we would be absolutely amazed at the number of big things that have come to us be­cause of some little something someone did for us, and we didn't even know it?  

So many of the things Jesus taught about life and happiness seem so little when compared to the cross and the suffering he endured for us. Say, kindness — we will not get tired physically by being kind, and yet it is so important to our spiritual well being. 

Maybe this is why Jesus taught us so much about the importance of little things. Little things add up to big things. Most of us will never invent some big something that will change the world. Those big things simply do not fit our mental ability, but we can go out and do enough of those little acts that can change a church or a community.  

I had this little lady in a church who for years sent birthday, anniversary and get well cards every week; so many of them that the local postal workers knew when she was sick. And then there were the hundreds of phone calls she made. She meant more to the membership of the church than the preacher's preaching. 

It was here that this "little bit" grew and grew and soon became so very big. The "little bit" had helped to make a big difference.

©Huey Wood