Fulton UMC food bank hits million-pound mark


’s efforts to feed the hungry in Itawamba County recently reached a major milestone. 

The distribution site for the Itawamba County Food Pantry gave out its millionth pound of food. 

The Itawamba County Food Pantry was organized in 1998.  Although it began on a small scale, the need was greater than imagined. Soon, the food distribution had to be divided into two sites. Those on the east side of the county would receive their food at the Fulton UMC location, and those on the west side would pick up their food from the Mantachie United Methodist Church. 

Households served each month average 300, including 597 individuals. The largest group by age is 61 years and older. The next largest group is 18 years of age and younger. An average of 13,000 pounds of food is distributed each month. About 60 persons are involved in packing and distributing boxes each month. 

Food is secured from the U.S. Department of Agriculture at no cost except for hauling from a Tupelo drop point. Other food comes from the Memphis Food Bank (Second Harvest) at a cost of 14 cents per pound for handling. Volunteers haul the food from Memphis in a van. Additional food is contributed from time-to-time by several community organizations. Some food is purchased at cost from a local grocery store. 

The one annual fundraiser is a fish fry held in July and sponsored by the Itawamba County United Methodist Cluster. The last event earned $3,000 which was split between the two pantries.  

The Rev. Jim Fisher is pastor at Fulton UMC.