Reprise adds more meaning to story


By Bishop Hope Morgan Ward 

Bishop Tom Bickerton proclaimed at Annual Conference the good news of Jesus Christ drawing from the parable of the 10 virgins, Matthew 25:1-12.

T. W. Lewis afterward offered this reprise.  

The Five Virgins

There were five howling virgins
Who came
To the Wedding of the Lamb
With their disabled motorcycles
And their oil tanks
But since they knew how
To dance
A person says to them
To stay anyhow.
And there you have it,
There were five noisy virgins
Without gas
But looking good
In the traffic of the dance.
There were ten virgins
At the Wedding of the Lamb

     Thomas Merton, Collected Poems

 We celebrate the persistent and holy hope of all lamps brightly burning.

Thank you for all the ways your faithfulness shines forth.