Our values influence our decisions


One of the first things we learn after becoming a Christian is Satan is no “dummy.” He is smart enough to know what sin will work on each one of us. Without a doubt, the sin he uses most is to get us to trade the best for the good.

We all remember the story of Mary and Martha when Jesus went home with them, and Mary chose to cook a great meal and missed the learning and hearing words of eternal value for a good meal.

We all make choices every few minutes that can make us better persons or we miss the boat.

Back when Ruth and I were appointed to Prentiss County one of the first families I visited was Florence Blassingame and her mother, Mrs. Criswwell. They were both very old and lived in Dry Creek bottom on the Tippah-Prentiss county line. As soon as I walked into the home I saw a beautiful old pump organ. It looked new, and right off Florence sat down and began to play Amazing Grace and What a Friend.

When I asked where she got the organ, she gave me the story. She said," When I was in the eighth grade, my father promised that if I graduated from high school he would give me a horse and buggy to be my own. When I graduated, we went to the Booneville hardware store, and he left me there to shop while he went to the sale barn to find a horse. While he was gone, I began to look at this organ and my dream changed to the organ. When he retuned, I told him that I had rather have the organ and he was shocked, but agreed to make the change.

“We took the organ home, and I began to learn to play. About a year later I was elected organist at Concord Baptist Church, and I played for every revival and worship service for years.”

I asked her how long she would have kept that horse and buggy. She said, "Oh, maybe a year." “But,” she said, “I don’t even like to think about it. This organ has meant so much to me and Mother in our confinement to the home. Besides, my father bought an automobile a year later, and I was the first one of our family to learn to drive.”

The point to this story and our advice to Mary is lasting, spiritual values are important to every choice we make in life. This is good advice for young people dating; its good in job selection; its good for what we do with time on Sunday.

Think about it.

©Huey Wood