Do this in remembrance of me


By Don George
Guest Columnist   

At every Communion service, after presenting the elements, the preacher reads in the litany that we are taking the Communion to remember Jesus' death and passion. Ever since I was a boy I have heard the words "Do this in remembrance of me" and remembered the account given in the Gospels. We all know it well. We say the words, but do we meditate on them?

In the minutes immediately after taking the wafer and grape juice yourself, take your seat, close your eyes and meditate. Relax and think about your own body. Let your imagination take hold and transfer the scene on Calvary to yourself.

Let your mind focus on your whole body and shiver with the pain of the whip lashes on your back and shoulders. Let your imagination stretch your arms out and think about your wrists.

Feel the point of a nail press down between the ulna and radius bones of your arm and anticipate what is coming. Then the hammer strikes, driving the nail through your arm with a flashing, searing pain. Think of the other arm and know that it will be repeated.

Think of your raw back as it scrapes against a rough pole. Turn your imagination to your feet as they are twisted into an unnatural position and pressed against the pole. Here is that nail again tearing though the flesh and bones of your feet and your soul cries out , "My God, how could you stand it!"

Then let your breath out slowly as a shiver racks your body and think, "I do this in remembrance of you, Jesus."

George is a member of Main Street United Methodist Church in Hattiesburg.